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For the first time ever, Abide Ministries presents our life-changing curriculum in a digital experience to meet you right where you are and take you into the power & depth of the Word of God.

We all enjoy studies that teach us new and interesting things, or that offer a fresh perspective on something we have already learned. However, these studies are unique. We are not “teaching” material that you typically learn from “talking heads” by taking notes and might find fascinating...but never really make a difference in your everyday lives. We, however, are distinct. You will join a real “group” and get into the Word that will speak directly to you and apply directly to the issues and activities of your personal lives right where you are today. The most common response from someone who completes our studies is “This changed my life!” And it will change yours too which is what God’s Word promises to do.

Everyone knows that there’s a profound difference between simply studying material and actually experiencing it in a hands-on, personal way. This is essentially the difference between “bible study” and “abiding in the Vine in the living Word of God.”

Our motto in all our curriculum of our school is “Are you enjoying receiving it” that is our prayer for you: “May you truly enjoy receiving all that God has personally for you!”