Course Description

Throughout Scripture, we are instructed to love God with all our heart and then to love others as ourselves. This is completely misunderstood. This course teaches us what it means to first receive God’s love (since we can love because He first loved us), to live consistently love in this love (which has great benefits) and then how to love others – and the way this works will surprise you. Understanding God’s love is a key to all of life.

God's Love

Loving God and loving others is typically adopted by we believers following current cultural thoughts about love and then defining that as what God’s love looks like. This course reveals how different the whole aspect of God’s love is:

Loving God and then loving others, it is profound to fully understand that we love and is capable of loving because He first and foremost loves us. It is a flow-through process. He loves us who then invites us to love Him will all our heart, mind, and soul— and then as we walk together with Him in this love, we can extend this love to others, who then learn the same thing, and we all then experience the fullness of God’s love is to receive, experience, and then give away. We are to know what this love is, how to receive this love, and then how our lives - our marriages, our communities, ministries, and our families are to be built upon this love. It makes the difference between duty, living in judgment & conflict, and enjoying the freedom and joy of life as God offers us all. Another essential element of this love is to receive instruction from God regarding how we relate to all others without deciding on our own what we think is a good idea. We then fulfill being the extension of His love to the world around us.

These leaders are:

  • Jake & Mary Beckel
  • Joe & Leigh Bogar
  • Heath & Rebecca Cardie
  • Rich & Janet Cocchiaro
  • Larry & Sherry Collett
  • Scott & Kristen Cornell
  • David & Melissa Dunkel
  • Tom & Susanne Ewing
  • Rick & Kelly Ferris
  • Joel & Christina Gunn
  • Scott & Terry Hitchcock
  • Rick & Nancy Hoover
  • Tad & Monica Jones
  • Ed & Becky Kobel
  • Don & Rachelle Light
  • Chris and Heidi May
  • Terry & Josephine Noetzel
  • Towanda Norton
  • Steve & Carolyn Van Ooteghem
  • Preston & Lynda Pitts
  • Dan & Kathy Rocconi
  • Bob & Keri Rockwell
  • John & Michelle Santaferraro
  • Allyson & Denny Weinberg
  • Neal & Kathy Weisenburger

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