Course Description

Christ consistently taught about the Kingdom, and invited His disciples and thus us to live in the Kingdom; This course reveals to us: What is this Kingdom? Why is this such an important issue for us? What is the choice we have to make about living in the Kingdom? What are consequences of not living the Kingdom? What are the benefits of living in the Kingdom? How then can we consistently live in the Kingdom?

The Kingdom of God

We all live in the kingdom of the world, under the sway, control, and authority of the enemy. As believers, we are called to live in the Kingdom of God—a spiritual kingdom that is preeminent and superior to the kingdom of the world. In the gospels, Jesus often spoke of the kingdom (more so than any other thing). We are to live in both places (and that is why we cannot be removed from this world and the trouble/difficulties of this world). Rather than live in the natural and always struggle through life in the kingdom of the world, we are to live in the spiritual kingdom of God that provides the superior power to resolve all struggles and have us enjoy all aspects of our lives. To be in the kingdom, we must surrender our will and then follow the King of the Kingdom (and thus it is not us). When we are living in the Kingdom of God we have remarkable privileges and benefits that provide hope, excitement, and great adventure. Once understood, it will make all the difference in life – experiencing the Kingdom which is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.


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