Course Description

In the Garden of Eden, God gave authority over the world to Adam and Eve and was intended to be exercised through their offspring throughout all the world. Unfortunately, they exercised their free will and instead of following God’s instructions about the tree of the knowledge of Good & Evil, they chose their own way as tempted by Satan, and thus then lost the pure nature of God – thus a sin nature (self/flesh) and handed over authority to Satan who has control of the world (still). So, since we live in this condition of the sin nature in a world under that authority of Satan, we are called to choose to live in the Spirit and the receive and exercise again the authority give to us by God. This is meant to join Him in the power and wonder of having our life experience God’s supernatural work as we take authority over life circumstances. This shows us how beautiful and consistent this powerful life can be.

Our Authority From God

When God created Adam and Eve, He gave them authority over the Earth— to be co-creators with God in ruling over all things on Earth in the beauty and wonder of the fullness of life as planned. When they fell and died spiritually, they handed over authority to the enemy, who still had control of the world. Typically, we think we are to maneuver the difficult world by just working as hard as we can succeed, expecting many failures because of what we see in the world. God wants us to understand that we, as followers of Christ, still have authority over the natural and can experience supernatural things in our lives as normal. This aspect of the Christian life is so misunderstood and certainly underutilized; typically Christians live in the “natural,” focusing on cause & effect and logic to maneuver through life— and thus experience many difficulties that become “normal.” There is a desire to follow Christian principles. Still, the focus is on us doing the right things without regard to the power of God to overcome and change circumstances because of His authority over the natural (which was created by the Spiritual when He spoke all things into existence by His Word; and so the material, our circumstances are subordinate to His authority). This course teaches us how to appropriate this authority and see real things in our lives change because of the power of this authority - joining Him in bringing supernatural power to our life.


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