Course Description

As believers, we have a daily battle that is much understood by most believers – that of choosing to follow God in His Kingdom, surrendering our will to His will, or be default, living in the flesh (following our own will). Most believers think that everything that happens is God’s will and our role is to do the best we can in following Biblical principles. This is not so, as a life of receiving the promises and grandeur planned by God, is based upon our choice - blessings if we choose to live in the Spirit or difficulty & trouble if we live in the flesh. We use the life of Jacob and Esau to explore this truth and answer the questions of why, how, and the benefits of choosing to live in the Spirit.

Spirit vs Flesh

We have a battle with the flesh. Believers all struggle with this battle; We are called to walk in the Spirit into the victory of life in the Spirit in each of our personal lives. This course shows us how to understand this battle and how to overcome this battle as we learn to walk in the Spirit and the full victory of life. Living in the flesh is not to be accepted as normal; instead, living in the Spirit is to be normal. As we struggle with the flesh, we experience the awareness of this truth, typically known as the remedy of an immediate return to the Kingdom and life of God, and thus live normally in the fullness of the Spirit, as intended. This course presents such important truths about understanding our condition, the benefits of the life of the Spirit, and how to overcome the battle to live in the beautiful life of the Spirit.


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