Course Description

Because we have a sin nature (self-centered) and live in sinful world fraught with trouble and difficulty, we have need of overcoming these troubles/difficulties and of being delivered from our nature and patterns that are considered “soul wounds”. This course works through the life of David to help us understand the path for us to fully experience overcoming and deliverance – especially to know that deliverance is not an event or a one time experience but can be fulfilled through our abiding relationship with God. We can live a life of continual overcoming and deliverance.

God's Power to Overcome and Deliver

Living in a world under the control and authority of the enemy means we will experience trouble, as Jesus told us in John 16:33. He overcame this trouble and told us that as we join Him, we can also overcome this trouble. We must understand that deliverance and overcoming is not an event but learning to process our adversities, difficulties, and strained relationships through to receiving the life of God that provides the power to overcome and then remain delivered. This course explores David’s life and provides so many wonderful examples of how God worked in his life through all his interesting circumstances that we all can relate to. There is no system and no way to experience this—instead, truths are to be applied personally in unique cases. We are to understand the things that need overcoming and delivering and how to walk with God, which is a privilege much like married couples and members of faith communities that process together to victory.


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