Course Description

We know the story of the nation of Israel under Moses rejecting going into the Promised Land, and then Joshua and Caleb leading the nation into possessing the Promised Land. These are more than just Old Testament stories about Israel, but are truths described throughout scripture of how we believers are called also possess the promises given to us by God, especially for us. This course explores: What are these promises? Why can we be assured the apply to us? What are the conditions to receive these? How do we help others live the same grand life that we begin to experience as we posses these promises?

God's Promises

Christians tend to view life as attempting to follow Biblical principles as we figure out how to overcome difficulties and be as good as possible in this challenging world. Few have been taught that God operates by speaking promises and then having us live by faith to receive the reality of these promises (the just must live by faith, and without faith, it is impossible to please Him). Promises are the basis of what this all means. This course helps us learn the following:

  1. God has promises for all of us, and they are unique & personal
  2. These promises are all “yes” in Him, and thus available to all and are absolutely true.
  3. These promises are potential and not guaranteed, as we must walk with God to receive these and have Him fulfill these for us.

Through His promises to us (What He will do), God resolves our personal life issues; and does not leave us to figure things out alone and thus live a life of frustration and resignation. Instead, we are to learn to go to Him and ask Him what promise is He speaking to us, and then not to focus on the circumstances but continue to move forward with Him—knowing that He will fulfill what He says to us. The promise turns into reality for us. All of us are to learn, hear, receive, believe, then personally experience God’s promises for us. As the church universal grows in this, we will see a dramatic shift in the life of the church—from struggle and resignation to victory and joy.


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