Course Description

Christ says to us in order to follow Him (and we have a choice to make about following Him vs. everything that happens is His will) we must deny self, take up the cross, and then follow Him after we have done these two things (and BTW, this has to be done daily). This course helps us understand that His life now is in the Resurrection, and so we are then are called to live with Him in the Resurrection – what does that look like? How are then to experience this? How does this carry us to a new level of life that is truly spectacular?

Power of the Resurrection

Though not understood, Christians are to experience the extraordinary wonder of the power of the resurrection. Christians tend to live in the natural life as “practical atheists” who go through life trying to do their best in a complex world, thinking the life we live depends on our natural abilities. The Father wants us to realize that Christ was resurrected and now lives in the resurrection. His life is to be our life—the life of the resurrection—that receives and experiences the supernatural power to overcome, deliver, provide resolution to hardship and difficulties—by providing amazing answers to prayer. We are to bear witness to the very resurrection power that raised Christ from the dead; the power that can change circumstances and guide us into God’s abundant life that only He can provide.

We have the privilege of this being reality and not living in discouragement and resignation. Instead, in hope of God’s life will be fulfilled in ours. When we are experiencing this, we will be equipped to teach others about this important aspect of the Christian life that then makes the difference between the natural struggle of solving our issues and having God fulfill the power of the resurrection as He resolves all our issues.


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