Course Description

All of us are too busy, weighed down by cares (what we term as unresolved issues – clutter), and get caught up in more is better – but are tired, weary, and struggling. This course helps us understand the spiritual explanation of this struggle; and then learn how to walk with God as He brings resolution to our clutter and our calendar so that we have His planned margin, freedom, and joy in all aspects of life. Further, we learn this process well, since we cannot achieve His place of freedom and joy once; and thus have to keep applying what we learn all the time to remain in this special place of life.

God’s Life of Freedom and Joy

All believers (actually all people) have to process the life issue of being too busy, not having margin, and being burdened by life's issues and difficulties. This is not easy to overcome, especially in the culture of the world and even the Christian culture. We aim to solve our issues and stay busy as a badge of honor and importance. We have to learn new truths of how to assess our clutter and calendar issues; and then how to receive God’s wisdom for personal decisions in order to live in freedom, margin, and experience God’s best. Because of the dynamics of life, this is a constant issue that is not resolved once and for all—but is a process that has to be engaged all the time—things are continually growing and changing. Thus our ability to live God’s planned life of freedom and margin, we have to practice making good decisions all the time. This course walks us through this process so we can stay in the space of joy of God’s life for us.


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