Course Description

We often sing at church, the beautiful Hymn – Amazing Grace, penned by John Newton. He is said to have written it as a heartfelt expression to God in 1772. It was inspired by a pivotal time in his life after surviving a shipwreck. Newton was involved in the slave trade but would go on to regret his actions and became a priest who advocated for the abolishment of slavery.

We tend to associate this term – amazing grace – with our salvation experience in being born again due to God’s grace toward us who do not deserve based upon being perfect or cannot attain a relationship with God by ourselves.  As we have explored further in the Word about the truth, the breadth and fullness of Grace, we have learned of the deeper profound truths of living in Grace. 

We experience this fullness of Grace because God’s nature is Grace – all His nature is Grace. This includes redemption, favor, freedom, goodness, pleasantness, overcoming, miraculous, and leading us into the experience of this fullness. We learn that our experience of Grace is not automatic, but there are conditions to our receiving and experiencing the Grace of God in our everyday lives. And, as we experience this, we are to give it away – be conduits to others of this amazing grace available to all. 

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