Overcoming Adversity

Finally live in peace.

We all face adversity.

Everyone faces adversity. Jesus even told us we should expect it.

From simple issues of frustration, to serious illnesses and conflict with loved ones, life can be surprising, challenging, and even frightening.

These challenges can be deep-rooted and profoundly painful.

But why?

Many Christians are deeply confused about the source of adversity and how to find relief from it.

They tend to think God orchestrates all adversity, or that Satan creates adversity and God simply allows it to happen.

The truth is that adversity is complex. There are many causes, and each requires its own specific remedy.

Finally understand and overcome adversity.

I created Overcoming Adversity so you can understand what's happening in your life and finally live in peace.

Through this course, you'll learn to understand the pathways God provides through adversity and discover what He promises us: that He will resolve your adversities, guaranteed.

What's Inside

Video Course

8+ Hours of step-by-step video lessons on how to let go of past hurts through forgiveness.

Tools for Overcoming Adversity

Step-by-step guidance on prayer, journaling, spousal dialogue, and more.

Downloadable Workbook

172 pages of practical tips, exercises, prayer, and Bible Study to help you overcome adversity.

Is this course for me?

Overcoming Adversity teaches a step-by-step process that doesn’t require any prior education, experience, or knowledge.

It's great for couples and small groups, especially those whose regular worship routine has been interrupted by current events!

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