Course Description

One of the biggest issues of Christian life are relationship issues where we experience hurts, frustrations, opposition, conflicts that cause us difficulty resulting in unforgiveness There are multiple reasons why we tend to withhold forgiveness, but especially the two most significant things: 1) confusion with reconciliation and 2) seemingly giving permission to those that have hurt us / oppose us to keep hurting us or opposing us.  We have difficulty with understanding the impact of these issues and thus actually think withholding forgiveness is beneficial to us even though it is not and is against God’s way of life for us. This course gives us clarity of the difference between forgiveness & reconciliation; and how forgiveness (which is just between me and God) is critical to a life of freedom; and then how we are to approach reconciliation so that we can every relationship fully resolved so we live in freedom and either reconciled in a healthy way or no longer allow others to hurt or create conflict for us (so can live with not being unreconciled).  We will be released from the burden of heaviness of difficult relationships.  


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Watch Rich Case Talk About Forgiveness